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Lowe’s Local Heroes Remodels Excelsior Schools

Development, Environment

November 6, 2019-Spokane, WA: With the recent closing of Eagle Peak, Excelsior Holistic Schools expanded its programming to meet the need of our community. Excelsior’s provides a holistic approach to learning available in our high school, middle school and newly formed elementary school. This expansion of educational services required a redesign of the school’s reception area for the increase of students and families. (https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/may/03/spokane-schools-downsizing-eagle-peak-relocating-s/,)

Excelsior Holistic School’s is pleased to celebrate and recognize Lowe’s Local Heroes. In a collaborative effort, three local Lowe’s stores have agreed to remodel the school’s reception area.  (https://www.lowes.com/cd_Workplace+Lowes+Heroes_149851308_ ).

“We are very excited and glad to be helping Excelsior Holistic Schools in this way.” says Cheryl Toro, Store Manager at Lowe’s on the northside of Spokane.

“The students and families that are benefited by this is enormous and we could not be more excited that Lowe’s has agreed to be a part of making this possible. Lowe’s has been a wonderful partner with Excelsior for the last few years, and we are truly appreciative to have their continued support.” says Kitara Johnson, Chief Development Officer at Excelsior.

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