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Excelsior Integrated Care Center:
A Holistic Approach To Bed-Based Care

Youth Recovery Programs for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Diagnoses

Excelsior Integrated Care Center (ICC) is a regional behavioral health center providing recovery programs for youth and young adults who have a mental health diagnosis, a substance use diagnosis or both. The center offers intensive care options including a transition-to-young-adulthood program, day-treatment services and respite care for stabilizing and supporting children 11 to 21.

The program is trauma-informed and has a focus of stabilizing patients, including advanced care coordination, crisis response and individual and group counseling.

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A comprehensive transition program supporting young adults in their pursuits of wellness and independent community-based living. The aim of this program is minimize or eliminate the need for intensive services in adulthood by providing basic necessities, care coordination, education, and work-readiness opportunities. Participants in this program have access to other services in Excelsior healthcare continuum, such as outpatient counseling, medication management, and recreational therapy.

Eligibility: 18-21, Male Identifying
Duration/ Time Commitment: Up to 1 year.

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Respite and Diversion Programs

Respite care is a short-term program where individuals are scheduled during the week and on weekends to stay at the center. This program provides a safe place for individuals who are experiencing disruption with their family, housing or other life situations. Respite Care incorporates a trauma informed philosophy that embraces the principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment.

Eligibility: 11-17
Duration/ Time Commitment: Once a month overnight or during the day


Our program provides educational sessions that are co-facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, chemical dependency counselors, and certified peer counselors.

Excelsior’s decades of experience provides our patients with new expertise and tools. Our person-centered approach means we aim to minimize time out of the home and maximize positive outcomes for those we serve.

Professional Services

  • Mental Health and Substance Use Assessments

Intensive Outpatient Services

  • Co-occurring Intensive Outpatient
  • Intensive Outpatient (MH/SU)
  • Day Treatment

Inpatient Services

Please call to learn more about current inpatient service offerings.

Integrated Programs. Integrated Support.

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