Coordinated Care and Excelsior Improve Food Access

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COVID-19: Meeting increased demand for meals and food for children in foster care and relative caregivers while supporting local Spokane businesses.

Spokane, WA, April 13, 2020
This month, Coordinated Care and Excelsior have teamed up to support children and caregivers dealing with food insecurity, while also supporting local businesses affected by the pandemic.

Coordinated Care is pleased to award funding to help Excelsior’s Care Team to deliver pantry items and local restaurant gift cards to caregivers of foster children.

Excelsior shared, “We want to ensure that the youth and families we serve, our employees, partners, and community have the services and resources needed during this unprecedented time. We are incredibly grateful to Coordinated Care for supporting our mobile Care Team in these efforts.”

Coordinated Care prioritizes food security as a critical social determinant of health and is proud to support Excelsior, who has transformed their essential resources program in response to the COVID-19 stay home order. If you or a loved one is in need, please complete a form at

About Coordinated Care
Coordinated Care is a locally accountable, innovative, and solution-based health plan headquartered in Tacoma, Wash. Launched in 2012, Coordinated Care serves over 245,000 members enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), Ambetter (Health Benefit Exchange), and all of the state’s population in foster care and adoptive services. Focused on whole health, Coordinated Care treats the whole person by breaking down barriers to accessing care, walking members through their benefits, and connecting them to what they need by building and executing a System of Care framework. To learn more, visit

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